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Ever wondered how much your most valuable assets are really worth? Or do you need to downsize a household and need an estate sale expert? We are here to help you!

Art Masters of El Paso and A New Beginning Estate Sales & Appraisals, unified efforts to provide you with accurate, professional appraisals on all of your assets, whether for tax or insurance estimation, a potential sale opportunity, or mere curiosity; or to accurately liquidate an entire estate!


You can find A New Beginning Estate Sales & Appraisals 
Every last Sunday of each month at  Art Masters of El Paso [6501 N. Mesa St. Suite  C], 

or Appointment at private locations, please email or call
(915) 833-3838. 

Security on-site and at private appointments.

Art Master of El Paso and A New Beginning Estate Sales & Appraisals. are not liable for any of the items brought in to the premises of the business.

About A New Beginning Estate Sales & Appraisals


Eduardo Ugalde
Certified Appraiser

Thinking it might be time to redeem some of your assets but don’t know what they’re worth? It may be time to turn to a licensed professional. Situated in the heart of El Paso, Texas , A New Beginning Estate Sales & Appraisals is the answer to all of your appraisal needs. I provide comprehensive appraisal services to a wide range of clients.

I have inspected and determined the value of my clients’ assets in a number of different fields. As your certified Estate Appraiser and professional Estate Sale Expert, I give accurate fair market valuations on all of your assets ! Get an accurate appraisal today, and put a price to your assets. Call me today and book a free consultation!

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